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Trusted Networking Solutions provides trusted quality computer networking services and solutions for Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding area. We are committed to supporting our client's requirements by delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable, and high quality solutions. We work with our customers to align business objective with the right technologies to achieve the best results.

Welcome to Trusted Networking Solutions Security

Protecting your company:

The biggest concern today when people use the Internet is protecting themselves and their data. For businesses this becomes even more critical because we not only have to protect ourselves and our data but now we must protect our customers and employees data.

If you are a merchant of any size accepting credit cards, you must be in compliance with PCI Security Council standards. Trusted Networking Solutions can help you meet these requirement.

If you are using the web to send and receive eMail, allow anyone to login and use your network from outside your local area network, collect information from web forms and most important; does your business conduct eCommerce. If you are doing any of these things and are not protected by encryption and other methods used to protect data as it travels across the Internet it is only a matter of time when someone will exploit these vulnerabilities and cause damage to your business.

You would not enter any of your personnel information into a web site if it were not protected. Then you may be losing business because our customers do not trust your web site. Let us help protect your company and especially your customers.

What we provide:

PCI Compliance.
Security Auditing.
Upgrades to existing services ensure they are secure.
New security services as needed.
Implementation of mitigation techniques for all your systems.
Penetration testing to prove you are safe.
Vulnerability evaluation to find out what needs to be done.
Risk assessment.

We hold these certifications from the National Security Agency (NSA)

Information Security Assessment Methodology (ISAM)

Information Security Red Team Methodology (ISRM)

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