Mission Statement

Trusted Networking Solutions provides trusted quality computer networking services and solutions for Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding area. We are committed to supporting our client's requirements by delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable, and high quality solutions. We work with our customers to align business objective with the right technologies to achieve the best results.

About Trusted Networking Solutions

Who are we:

Trusted Networking Solutions was started to help new and current users of IT and networking services and equipment to reach their potential. Our business model is to help our customers identify needs and provide solution to these needs. We want to make sure the solutions our customers have are meeting their business objectives. We want to provide you with the right solutions at the right price.

What we do:

We will identify what you currently have and determine if that is meeting your needs. If you are just getting started we can get your company fitted with a just right solution. We do this by identifying your business objectives and work with you to find the best products and services for you. We will strive to give you multiple choices for those products and services. This would include multiple pricing options.

We will help you reach your potential and to take advantage of opportunities that technologies will provide.

What we do not do:

We do not identify solutions you do not need. Since we are not a reseller of either products or services and only recommend vendors who can provide the equipment or services, we get no profit whether you purchase a lot of products and services or not. Trusted Networking Solutions never requires a service/maintenance contract or agreement.

Ben Eckart


Ben Eckart
Ben started Trusted Networking Solution LLC. in 2012.

Ben had been the Information & Network Technology Instructor at the Manhattan Area Technical College, Manhattan, Kansas since 1984. He retired in the spring of 2014, after teaching computer and networking technology for 30 years. He created the first public Computer Repair educational program in Kansas and guided its evolution into the best Information & Network Technology (INT) Program in the state (Kansas Board of Regents “Excellence in Technical Education” award October 12, 2011). He also earned national recognition for the Information & Network Technology Program in the cyber security field from the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education awarded June 2013).


• Certified Cisco Academy Instructor in CCNA, CCNP and CCNAS

• Certified VMware Academy instructor

• Certified Information Security Assessment Methodology (ISAM) from the National Security Agency (NSA)

• Certified Information Security Red Team Methodology (ISRM) from the National Security Agency (NSA)

Ben is married to Jane.

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